Coins nowadays are not just used for the means of exchange. Rather it has many several uses and one of these is that it is used as a token of membership in certain groups like the military. These kinds of coins are called challenge coins.

Challenge coins were first used by the military. It commended officers of their bravery and courage during wars.

It is also a sign of their brotherhood. It was said that the famous origin on story happened during the World War 1. The US Army Air Service was staffed by volunteer pilots who were excited to use advance technology while serving their country.

To commemorate such occasion, a lieutenant created bronze medallions for his squadron as the emblem of their teamwork. As they made their way across Europe, one aircraft sustained damage leaving no other choice of the pilot to land on enemy territory.

Challenge Coin

He was later then captured by the German. He was transferred to another camp when the British raided the village. He found this opportunity to escape. He ran towards safety and reached the allied French soldiers. They later asked him for identity and he showed them the medallion. What began as a simple gift among teammates became a proudly military tradition amongst service men and women that lasts to this day.

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custom military coins

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