lanyardsLogo lanyards are neck accessories used to hang mobile phones and ID cards. Students and workers often wear them. If you are using them frequently, then there is a big chance that they might wear out in the future. Old or used neck ropes are usually thrown away but if you do not want to throw them away, there are things that you can do to make them useful again. Below are the five things that you can do to neck cords. Get more information about lanyards visit

1.  Display them in your room

You can get logo lanyards if the company you are working for has one. If you will attend academic conferences or conventions, you will also have a chance to own one. Neck cords are just some of the items the event organizers give to the people attending their events.

If you find some of your used neck cords special, you can display them in your room instead of throwing them away. You can frame them and add labels so that people who are visiting your house can see the type of neck cord you got from your first job and the neck rope you received from an event organizer. Framing the cords will prevent the dust and dirt from ruining your collection.

2.  Give them to your pals

If you are a graduate of a certain school and you still have that neck rope bearing the school’s name, you can give it to a friend who is still studying in the same school. You can also do this if you have a co-worker who does not have his own company neck cord. It will be great if you also experienced working in that company before. You can give them your used neck cord as long as it does not yet wear out. As much as possible, give them cords that are still in good condition.

Giving a neck rope to someone you personally know is a way of showing that you care about that person. It is also a way of showing support to what they are doing.

3.  Sell them in your area or in online stores

If you have a lot of logo lanyards that you are not using anymore, you can sell them as well. In that way, you will be able to earn money. If you plan to organize a garage sale, then you can sell them along with your other things. Who knows? Neighbors or passers-by who need affordable neck cords might be able to buy them.

If you own neck ropes that you got from your favorite band’s concert but you need money, you can also sell them in online stores. It will be best if they are still housed in their original packaging. You can sell them to your fellow fans. In that way, those who are also collecting rare items featuring their favorite stars can get them.

4.  Donate them to non-profit organizations

Aside from displaying and selling your old neck cords, you can also donate them to non-profit organizations (e.g. charities). Nowadays, some non-profit organizations worldwide are accepting donations from individuals who are willing to donate their used logo lanyards. Some of them give the donated items to poor schoolchildren who cannot afford to buy neck cords. Others create new items from these ropes and sell them to raise funds. They use the funds to help those who are in need.

5.  Transform them into new things

If you do not want to sell or donate them, maybe you can turn your worn out neck ropes into new items. You can use them to create bookmarks, bag straps, wristlets and even headbands. Doing DIY projects using old logo lanyards will help you save money. No need to go to the malls often to shop for affordable accessories. Aside from using them, you can also sell them to earn more money. Many people love up-cycled products and they might buy one from you.