Over the years, golf has earned the reputation of being one of the most loved and most betted on games all over the world. Amateurs and professionals alike have been hooked on it for years because of the amount of precision and concentration that it takes with every swing of their golf clubs. It can be played by people of all ages and both genders, and is also one of the few sports that do not have a standardized playing area, meaning the extent of challenge with every course can greatly vary.

Playing golf basically involves hitting a ball off a tee using a wide array of golf clubs, and aiming to direct it into a hole on the green.

The course is normally consisted of 110 to 190 acres of land, and may include challenges like sand dunes, trees, rough patches, and bodies of water. Aside from the playing area, a typical golf course also houses a clubhouse, a driving range, tee areas, and practice greens.

A whole course is consisted of a series of holes; each having a legal teeing ground, defining the point from where you are allowed to hit the ball aimed to a specific hole. A tee is a small peg used to elevate the ball from the ground to reduce interference with the club prior to striking it. This increases the efficiency of force transfer between the club and the ball. Some courses use mounds of sand instead of tee pegs to reduce litter and preserve the tee area condition of the course.

GolfMost holes are visible from the teeing area, though other courses may bend to the left or to the right, increasing the level of challenge. A full round consists of 18 holes, while other short courses offer only 9 holes although you can still play a full round by playing through the whole course twice.

Every player is allowed to carry with him a maximum of 14 golf clubs. These vary in build and length, as longer clubs normally increase the trajectory of the ball to cover longer lengths, while shorter clubs are used to cover shorter distances. It has three basic types: woods, irons, and putters.

Woods are normally used for long drives and open areas, covering as far as 250 – 350 yards. In spite of the name, modern woods are actually made of metal such as titanium and other composite materials. It was originally made of wood, but current evolution in the technology of golf clubs has prompted the use of metal for modern use, even as the naming remained the same. A variety of dimensions are available for woods that allow various degrees of ball take-off, also called as the “loft”, and also the distance that it is meant to cover.

Irons are normally used for distances that are less than 200 yards away from the teeing area, while hybrids are a combination of wood and iron clubs. From the name, its design basically a combines both types of clubs and has gained immense popularity in the recent years.

golf puttersLastly, putters are golf clubs that are specialized in covering small distances to get the ball into the hole. It still comes in various styles depending on the style of play that one requires.

Many are enamored with golf because of the lush greens that each golf course offers. It serves as a sport and a means to relax at the same time, not to mention the sense of ‘exclusivity’ that each golf club grants to its loyal patrons. Many also see this as a ticket to penetrating certain social circles, and eventually get hooked with the challenges of the game nevertheless.

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